Start: Hold unit in your palm, swipe thumb over indented area 2 times to tum on Treatment Mode
Stop: Swipe thumb 2 times to turn unit off (Orion and Radiance will shut itself off every 7 minutes—if you are treating more than 2 areas in 2 sessions just power unit back on).
Orion/Radiance has several audible sounds, timers and visual indicator LEDs for battery state, treatment time que and auto shutoff features. Please review the User Guide.
Note: Touch the Stainless-Steel ring to your skin or use your thumb to contact the ring for treatment LEDs to illuminate. Orion and Radiance is effective on all facial wrinkle areas.


The Orion/Radiance reduces facial wrinkle with a 3 minute a day per treatment area schedule. (See Fig 1 for treatment area examples). The device uses 4 different colors or wavelengths of high intensity LED light to stimulate collagen activity beneath your wrinkles.
Fig 1: Example of treatment areas. The following image and information will show what to do to accomplish your wrinkle reducing goal.

* It is recommended that before treatment with the device, use a suitable high quality skin cleanser or exfoliating product to remove cosmetic, dirt and oily residues from your face.
The treatment protocol is simple. Select a treatment area and use Orion/Radiance 3 minutes a day on that treatment area for at least 5 days a week for a period of 8 weeks. The Orion/Radiance will beep every 3 minutes to alert you that the session is concluded for that area of treatment.
See Fig 1 for treatment area examples. Keep the treatment area for each 3-minute session small and localized 2 inches path along those lines of bubbles shown in Fig 1 for best results Select a few treatment areas to “concentrate on”. Facial wrinkles did not appear overnight and they will not disappear overnight either.
Note: For each treatment session, please keep the device in contact with the skin, while gliding it back and forth along the treatment areas.